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Paranormal Investigator & Singer-Songwriter Sean Austin

Travel Channel’s GHOST LOOP Lead Paranormal Investigator. Psychic-Medium. Demonologist. Singer-Songwriter. Join Sean Austin on his music and paranormal adventures.

Witness new video, photo, and audio evidence of ghosts, demons, and the supernatural as he brings them to light. Explore Evidence & More: Join the Supernatural Adventure on SeanDAustin.com, and Follow Sean on Social Media.

About Sean D. Austin

Sean Austin is a Singer-Songwriter and Paranormal Investigator currently on Travel Channel, starring on the new paranormal show Ghost Loop. Sean has also starred on Destination America (Discovery Channel) show Demon Files with retired NYPD police officer-turned-demonologist, Ralph Sarchie, upon whom the movie Deliver Us from Evil was based.

On and off of TV, Sean travels country with fellow Paranormal Investigators, documenting evidence of the Paranormal in video, photo, & audio forms. He not only employs his growing medium & psychic abilities to investigate and help spirits & families find peace, but uses the latest in paranormal technology in devices that allow us “see” & “hear” entities, and determine whether or not hauntings are residual or intelligent, friendly or malevolent.

His musical style exists in the vein of Goo Goo Dolls and Pearl jam. Sean’s music is emotional and genuine. For fans of new Pop Rock Music 2020, Maroon 5, Switchfoot, The Voice artists,America’s Got Talent, and American Idol.


Although Sean has always wholeheartedly believed in the ‘unexplained’, becoming a paranormal investigator was by chance. After over a decade of supernatural experiences that still baffle him to this day Sean continues to search passionately for evidence of the unexplained.

Sean was a featured investigator on the pilot series “The Demon Files”, which aired on the Destination America Network. As part of a team headed by the well known Demonologist and retired NYPD Sergeant Ralph Sarchie, who became the inspiration for the movie “Deliver Us From Evil” Sean was mentored in the file of Demonology. Ralph taught Sean how to approach cases of the demonic in the extreme recesses of the paranormal.

It was while jumping head first into this new realm of the supernatural Sean had also developed his natural psychic and mediumship abilities and applied them to his new journey in the paranormal. “It is great to be your own piece of equipment while investigating with the other types of technologically advanced devices we have today to provide evidence.”

In his first published work “Shadow Chaser” Sean follows the pursuit into the unexplained that he started from the beginning. Alone with Sean’s year of experience as a musician he has trained his ears to aid in his investigations. “Experiencing a new tier of mystery on every investigation is a privilege that is beyond humbling. Implementing these experiences and ultimately helping people with their spiritual needs is humbling and allows me to share these experiences with the world.”

Now, in the Travel Channel’s TV series “Ghost Loop” Sean is the lead investigator of a team with a mission to assist people dealing with a diversity of hauntings, including helping trapped souls who may be reaching out from the other side.

The Demon Files

Sean was a featured investigator on the pilot series “The Demon Files” that aired on Destination America. It was while jumping head first into this new realm of the supernatural Sean had also triggered new medium abilities to add this new sense of this unknown world.

“It is great to be your own piece of equipment while investigating with all the other types of technologically advanced stuff we have today to provide evidence”.


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