GHOST LOOP on Travel Channel

The All New Paranormal TV Show

Watch Ghost Loop on Travel Channel, the exciting All-New Paranormal TV Series in 2020. Airs Fridays 10 pm EST/9C. Premieres 12/27/2019. Lead Investigator & Psychic-Medium Sean Austin heads a team on paranormal investigations around the US, gathering evidence and helping people & spirits move on from attachments & hauntings in homes and elsewhere. Explore Evidence & More: Join the Supernatural Adventure on View Ghost Loop Episodes & Tune-in Schedule Here:


Sean Austin is a Paranormal Investigator currently on Travel Channel, starring on the new 2020 paranormal TV show, Ghost Loop. Airs Fridays at 10 pm EST/9C. Subscribe to Sean on his Paranormal YouTube: Paranormal Investigator | Sean Austin and Follow him on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter for Updates on Ghost Loop, Paranormal Investigations & Evidence, and more.

On and off of TV, Sean travels country with fellow Paranormal Investigators, documenting evidence of the Paranormal in video, photo, & audio forms. He not only employs his growing medium & psychic abilities to investigate and help spirits & families find peace, but uses the latest scientific paranormal technology in devices that allow us “see” & “hear” entities, and determine whether or not hauntings are residual or intelligent, friendly or malevolent.

Sean brings years of experience to the field and also starred on Destination America (Discovery Channel) show Demon Files with retired NYPD police officer-turned-demonologist, Ralph Sarchie, upon whom the movie Deliver Us from Evil was based.


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